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Exhibit in Perkins Gallery July-October 2013


This is a flower that is very important to a;sdfkjasepojw;lfmad;lvj…

Hominid (Archaic Homo sapiens)
This replica of an early hominid skull is modeled after one that dates from about 100,000 years before present (ybp) found in Skhul Cave, Mt. Carmel, Israel.

Courtesy of Division of Fossil Primates

Railroad tie with spike from abandoned mine-railroad built by Thomas Edison in northern New Jersey. Railroads consumed huge amounts of timber for cross ties. Every mile required more than 2,500 ties, and in 1900 ties needed replacement every five to…

Hepa-type filtration mask purchased in Beijing, China, Summer 2013
Courtesy of Ralph Litzinger, Associate Professor Cultural Anthropology, Duke University

In January 2013, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau released a study on…

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