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D.K. Chromolithograph. Puck. November 16, 1881.
During the crooked political environment of the Gilded Age, voters were often coerced into voting for a particular party, either by money or brute force. Additionally, political bosses frequently…

George Du Maurier. Woodblock engraving. Punch. October 22, 1870.

In this caricature by George Du Maurier, an upper class man attempts to discipline children of lower stature. We can infer their social classes from the colloquial language used in…

Joseph Keppler. Chromolithograph. Puck. 1885.

Although the caricature Cut Out! was published in the American satirical newspaper Puck, Joseph Keppler is pointedly mocking the nineteenth-century European colonization of Africa. This event lends…

Joseph Keppler. Chromolithograph. Punch. January 13, 1904.

This Gilded Age satirical piece by Joseph Keppler depicts prominent businessmen such as JP Morgan and Rockefeller as giants squaring off against Theodore Roosevelt. The size of the…

Friedrich Graetz. Chromolithograph. Puck. May 31, 1882.

The Gilded Age is often characterized by the spoils system and illegal political practices which both John Kelly Galvanizes Tammany and American Invention for Blowing up Bosses satirize.…

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