Jamie Keesecker

Item Description

Jamie Keesecker is the director of the Duke New Music Ensemble and a composer who enjoys writing music and designing sound, and exploring on the musical qualities of sound and the noisy qualities of music. He writes for various ensembles and performance settings, collaborating with artists across a wide array of disciplines to create new works that incor- porate visual media, scientific data, dance, and film. Jamie’s recent work has focused on interactivity and the combination of live musical performance with real-time computer processing. He is a James B. Duke fellow pursuing a Ph.D. from the Duke University Department of Music.

In recontexualizing the material in the cabaret pieces “Les Conditions Impossible” and “Le Moulin Rouge”, the opening accompanimental gesture (which outlines the melody’s first five notes) of “Les Conditions Impossible” is turned into a motivic gesture that gets passed around within the ensemble before developing into the full statement of the melody. The relatively short melody is heard numerous times while fragments of the considerably longer melody of “Le Moulin Rouge” are presented in counterpoint. In the final section of the piece, the refrain of “Le Moulin Rouge” is played as a unison line, over which a harmonized chorale-like version of “Les Conditions Impossible” is superimposed.