Dan Ruccia

Item Description

Dan Ruccia (b. 1982) is a Durham, NC, based composer, violist, and improviser. He writes music that exists at the intersection of different styles, forms, and genres, particularly free jazz and punk in all of its manifestations. He recently completed his Ph.D. at Duke University where he studied with Stephen Jaffe, Scott Lindroth, and Allen Anderson (University of North Carolina).

My starting point for “Mirlitaine+Mirliton” was the band Earth, whose music slows down blues and Americana to the point where they come to resemble drone metal. Their sound is thick and saturated, yet the musical ideas they play with are simple and easily grasped. I’ve wanted to incorporate their sound into my music for a while, and Paul Delmet’s “Mirlitaine et Mirliton” proved to be the perfect source material. Its simple, haunting melody feels like a blues riff while also providing plenty of space for orchestrational explorations. While I don’t directly engage with meanings of the lyrics, the sound of the words themselves does inform some of the chords and melodic filigrees that appear throughout the piece.