Photography Exhibit-Documenting the Politics of Food


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Documenting the Politics of Food: Photographs from the Rubenstein Library Collections


This exhibit is an interdisciplinary effort in support and celebration of the 20-year anniversary of Student Action with Farmworkers, a non-profit organization that strives to strengthen relationships between students, the community and farmworkers in order to improve their working and living conditions, and move towards social change. A small group of students from the Spring 2012 Politics of Food class worked closely with The Rubenstein Library to choose photographs from over 50 years of collections that contain significant material on agriculture and agricultural labor in the United States.

Who we are:
Molly Johnson – Environmental Science and Policy and Psychology: Class of 20##
Morgan Beard – Visual and Media Studies, Cultural Anthropology and Photograph; Class of 20##
Hannah Scott – Sociology, Psychology and Documentary Studies; Class of 20##
Lynn Hakki – Biology, Evolutionary Anthropology and Cultural Anthropology; Class of 20##
NAME NAME – Job Title, Group Mentor