Pewter Wig Spray

Undated. Provenance unknown.


Undated. Piece of saucer from Ballast Point, near Roanoke Island, N.C. Found among the ballasts which explorers Amadas and Barlowe are said to have thrown overboard in 1584. Donated by G.B. Crisp, former Trinity College student.

Ear Trumpet

Undated. Ear trumpets were created as an early attempt to cope with hearing problems.

Piece of Wood

Undated. Multiple pieces of wood, including tree branches, were donated throughout the early years of the Society. According to printed sources, some were associated with historical events, places or people. The significance of this piece of wood is unknown.

Silver Goblet

Undated. Used in Masonic ceremonies at the laying of the cornerstone of the Washington Duke Building in 1890. Originally donated with wine and oil. Donated by M. H. Jones, popular jeweler of Durham.

White Beaver Hat

Given to society in 1895; worn by president.

Some items in the collection have no explanation-but it is fun to wonder why the students felt these were important to the story of history.