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Chinese, Gift of Mrs. Douglas A. MacArthur
Holding lotus blossoms, this porcelain pair of Guanyin wear necklaces and stand on lotus petals. The statues frequently come in pairs and smaller ones such as these would have been used as private…

The James A. Thomas Family Collection
Chinese, Qianlong Period (1735-1795)
This pair of Guanyin figures are from the Fujian province, famous for the quality of its "blanc de Chine" porcelain production. According to myth, Guanyin crossed the sea by…

Chinese, Qianlong period (1735-1795)
Delicate floral designs and medallions feature figures in landscapes. Delicate and subdued pastels, as well as the stylized design of the vines and lotus blossoms reflect the influence of cloisonne enamel work on…

1'-8" high, 7.5" base, 12" at the widest point (one urn has been reconstructed)
On the mantel of the south fireplace are a pair of urns, decorated with medallions against a background of flowers and butterflies in bright shades of green, blue, and…

Qing Dynasty, during the reign of Kangxi, 1622-1723, 1'-6" high, 12" wide at the widest point
On the mantel of the north fireplace are a pair of urns with lids, which date from the Qing Dynasty, during the reign of Kangxi (1622-1723) . A colorful…

Date from mid-Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), 18" tall (35" tall including lampshade)
A pair of green porcelain lions from the same period, mid-Qing Dynasty, are mounted as lamps and stand on the bookshelves on the east wall, opposite the Coromandel…

Gift of Mrs. Douglas A. MacArthur, 1970
This modern flask shaped vase is hand painted porcelain. A bird rests on a branch as a peony blooms on one side of the vase, and Chinese characters are inscribed on the reverse.

Ishii Vases, Meiji Period (Japan), 1868-1912, 24"x 18"
Gift of the Mrs. James A. Thomas Estate
Two large enameled vases stand on top of the teakwood chests on either side of the north wall fireplace. The vases are cloisonné, dating from the Meiji…

Presentation to the University, date unknown

Presentation to the University, date unknown

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