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Image of Student Wall-Between the Lines exhibit, November 2013 and February 2014. Perkins Library, Duke University.

Kathryn Desplanque and the Writing 101 Class preparing to hang the exhibit "Between the LInes", November 2013, Perkins Library, Duke University.

Jacquelyn Ottman. Chromolithograph. Puck. May 11, 1887.

In this cartoon, the illustrator represents the toil of the farmers at the hands, or more appropriately, foot of the railroad industry during the Gilded Age. By abusing monopolistic power,…

Frederick Opper. Chromolithograph. Puck. October 29, 1884.

This caricature shows railroad industrialist William Henry Vanderbilt donating money to fund the construction of the medical college of Columbia University in New York City. Although…

George Cruickshank and William Hone. Woodblock engraving. 1820.

William Hone’s Non mi Ricordo! ridicules King George IV and his attempt to divorce his wife, Queen Caroline, through a public trial held in Parliament. Like the caricature…

Bernhard Gillam. Chromolithograph. Puck. September 17, 1884.

Months after the 1884 presidential election, Grover Cleveland attributed his victory over Republican James Blaine to the public outcry stirred by Bernhard Gillam’s Tattooed Man…

John S. Pughe. Chromolithograph. Puck. November 1, 1899.

This image, published in 1899 in the satirical American magazine Puck, displays an American view of Cuban society collapsing without American aid, industry and intervention. In the…

Joseph Keppler. Chromolithograph. Puck. June 9, 1880.

Joseph Keppler’s 1880 caricature Legalized Plunderers criticizes corruption in the legal system during the Gilded Age. During this period, businessmen worked with lawyers in crooked methods…

Friedrich Graetz. Chromolithograph. Puck. May 31, 1882.

The Gilded Age is often characterized by the spoils system and illegal political practices which both John Kelly Galvanizes Tammany and American Invention for Blowing up Bosses satirize.…

Joseph Keppler. Chromolithograph. Punch. January 13, 1904.

This Gilded Age satirical piece by Joseph Keppler depicts prominent businessmen such as JP Morgan and Rockefeller as giants squaring off against Theodore Roosevelt. The size of the…

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