LizzieProject_Jean Kilbourne_"Redefining Beautiful"

"Redefining Beautiful." Cover Girl.

Jean Kilbourne Collection, Box 79, Women of Color and Ethnic Ads 1988-2005.

"Black is Beautiful"

By: Elizabeth Butcher

"Minority Marketing Illustration." Minority Marketing. Chicago: Crain, 1980. Print.

Minority Marketing. Chicago: Crain Books, 1980. Print.

Marketing to Minorities: Expansion and Development (1950s-1990s)

By: Jessica Chen

"Four A's Studies 'Minority Gap' in Employment". Douglass L. Alligood Papers. Box 1. Folder: Clipplings: 1966-1969

Douglass Alligood 12_Caroline Jones(4)

Closing the Gap: Professionals of Color in Advertising

By: Cyan DeVeaux