Research Tips

The Hartman Center contains many items outside the collections mentioned on this website that may be helpful to scholars researching in the area of race and ethnicity in advertising. If you're interested in finding more materials, there are several techniques you can use to aid your research.

Keyword Searching

Performing a keyword search on may be useful in finding items and additional collections of interest. Keywords should be short phrases or words such as 'Pepsi ads' or 'minority marketing' that are relevant to your research interests.

Synonym Searching

Additionally, words no longer in common usage, such as 'Negro' or 'Oriental,' may be searched to find older materials relevant to research on race and ethnicity and minorities in advertising. The Harman Center strives to retain the original file order and unique language of collection materials as designated by the original creator and time period from which the items came. This means collection materials and library guides may contain descriptive language that may now be considered racist, pejorative, and/or out of date.

Additional Help

If you are having trouble or need some guidance, feel free to ask the reference archivists for help! Rubenstein’s archivists have a general knowledge of the collections and materials within the Rubenstein Library and can direct you to other helpful resources.

Research Tips