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I Never Metaphor I Didn't LikeI Never Metaphor I Didn't Like

Mardy Grothe

Sent in by Kalman Bugica

Throughout history, many literary geniuses have penned or quoted immortal phrases describing every aspect of life.  Dr Grothe, who has been collecting quotations for over 30 years, hand-picks the best ones that embrace the literary elements of analogies, metaphors, and similes, and arranges them, along with his own views, comments, and notes, into a perfect sequence of thoughts and feelings that makes one step back and ponder life itself.  An excellent read, if not for Dr. Grothe's collaboration of famous writers from Plato to Thoreau, but if only to have a collection of over 1000 quotes in a book the size of your hands.

The Screwtape LettersThe Screwtape Letters

C.S. Lewis

Sent in by Michele Simons

It was the summer of 1998, and I was immersed in my daily commitment to goodness and justice, while simultaneously raising my two preschool children.  C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters lifted the veil.  I caught a glimpse of a world where complacency is cultivated, and where distraction and difficulty are deliberately woven into my life to throw me off my stride.  I could almost hear Screwtape's consternation--"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"

Black Like MeBlack Like Me

John Howard Griffin

Sent in by Loretta Alford

"Black like Me" was the first nonfiction book that I read. It taught the truth about racism. After I read this I was more afraid than I had ever been of the White race. My Aunt was a reader, she had wall to wall bookshelves. When we visited I would stay up all night reading. I had to get permission to read this because it was an "adult book".

The Holy Bible (NIV)The Holy Bible

New International Version

Sent in by Will Hanley

The Holy Bible (NIV) was influential to me since it ended 12 years of drepression in my life.


Leon Uris

Sent in by Jacob Moroshek

About the founding of the state of Israel. Inspiring characters bring to life one of the greatest stories in modern history.

The SonglinesThe Songlines

Bruce Chatwin

Sent in by Bruce Westbrook

A relatively unknown book, that is amazing -- "The Songlines" by Bruce Chatwin. I cannot rave about this book enough. Chatwin achieves an insight into where literature, poetry, geography, history and cultural anthropology all come together. He takes us from ancient Greece, to Australia, North Africa and other places. His basic point is that the epics of all ancient, pre-literate cultures functioned as their histories and also their roadmaps.  What did the Aborigines in Australia have in the millenia before GoogleEarth? -- their oral literature -- their epics. These things didn't exist simply because they were good adventure stories.  They also functioned as guides and histories and more.

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