Future Fantasteek!

Zines and Sketchbooks by Jackie Batey

Future Fantasteek

Jackie Batey started creating these sketchbooks on her commute to work—about 5 hours per day by train (just 3 days a week at least!). She writes on her website: “I noticed that my drawings were generally a visual rant about what had happened that day or week. Over the course of a year I've built up many images; some typographic; others drawn in the form of fake advertisements or patronising advice. When looking at a batch of these sketchbooks together it seemed appropriate to try and re-present them as a serial zine.”  In fact you can see that many pages of the zines are copies straight out of the sketchbooks.

She makes two issues of Future Fantasteek! per year - only 50 copies per issue, in February and July. This exhibit celebrates the 10th issue mark of this fanciful publication, and Duke is one stop on a tour that is traveling in the U.S. and U.K. during 2011.

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Curated by Kelly Wooten with help from Tali Beesley, Meg Brown, and Simone Isham.

Zines and Sketchbooks by Jackie Batey

Future Fantasteek!

Lilly Library foyer
Duke University East Campus

June 20-October 7, 2011.

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