The Library Uncovered: Behind the Scenes with Collections Services

Conservation Services

Jovana Ivezic repairing a damaged book.

Conservation Services cares for the physical library collections. This includes everything from books, maps, manuscripts, and even a mechanical toothbrush testing machine. If something is damaged through use or age, we will repair it. We respond to collections emergencies such as water leaks, and monitor the library environment to be sure it is cool and dry. Our overall mission is to make sure our collections can be used now and well into the future.  

Line graph of temperature and relative humidity over a six week period.

Conservation Services monitors the environment in many of our library spaces including in the exhibit cases. Our dataloggers record temperature, relative humidity, and light levels. A cool and dry environment helps preserve paper-based collections. These conditions also keep insects, rodents, and mold out of our spaces and collections.

Reuniting fragments of a manuscript.


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