Louise Bourgeois Boursier — midwife


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Boursier, Louise Bourgeois
Het begin en den ingang van alle menschen in de wereld, of, Aanmerkingen
Leiden: Andries Dyckhuysen, 1707
Louise Bourgeois Boursier, midwife to the French court, attended over 2,000 deliveries, recording her methods and her observations. She helped to alleviate the pain, fear, and mortality of childbirth. Bourgeois wrote in French rather than Latin, enabling wider dissemination of her ideas. Her Observations diuerses was translated into Dutch, German, and English. This Dutch translation, with its delightful title page, was published almost one hundred years after the book’s first appearance in France.
Boursier, Louise Bourgeois, Het begin en den ingang van alle menschen in de wereld, of, Aanmerkingen, Leiden: Andries Dyckhuysen, 1707, Lisa Unger Baskin Collection, Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University. Accessed March 04, 2021, https://exhibits.library.duke.edu/exhibits/show/baskin/item/4017


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