Susan B. Anthony — abolitionist and suffragist

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Anthony, Susan B.
Letter to Judge Henry R. Selden
December 1873
Judge Henry R. Selden had advised Susan B. Anthony that she had the right to vote. When she was subsequently arrested for voting, Selden represented her in court. In this letter, Anthony urges him to send the text of his argument so that it could be published in time for the upcoming National Woman Suffrage Association convention. She wrote the postscript to the letter on a flyer for a mass meeting of the New York Woman’s Suffrage Society. The collection includes Judge Selden’s own copy of the final printed version of his argument.
Anthony, Susan B. , Letter to Judge Henry R. Selden, December 1873, Lisa Unger Baskin Collection, Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University. Accessed March 20, 2023,


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