Women's rights and birth control


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Harman, Moses
Lucifer: The Light-Bearer
Chicago, Illinois: M. E. Harman, 1883-1907
Moses Harman was active in the abolition movement in Missouri before and during the Civil War. He moved to Valley Falls, Kansas, in 1879, and became the editor of The Kansas Liberal, later renamed Lucifer, the Light Bearer. Anti-government and a supporter of eugenics, he published on issues such as women’s rights and birth control and, like Goldman and Margaret Sanger, was targeted by Comstock for distributing obscene literature. He moved the location of Lucifer several times, including to Chicago in 1896. On a lecture tour stop in Chicago in 1897, Goldman made a point of visiting Harman at the Lucifer offices.
Harman, Moses , Lucifer: The Light-Bearer, Chicago, Illinois: M. E. Harman, 1883-1907, Lisa Unger Baskin Collection, Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University. Accessed March 20, 2023, https://exhibits.library.duke.edu/exhibits/show/baskin/item/4197


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