Margery Yeo — bookseller and publisher

[Newspaper advertisement for bookseller Margery Yeo]
Yeo, Margery
[Newspaper advertisement for bookseller Margery Yeo]
[Exeter?]: [ca. 1720s?]
Margery Yeo is one of a number of women publishers and booksellers working in England in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. She was the widow of Charles Yeo, a bookseller in Exeter who died around 1709. A widow who inherited a publishing or bookselling business and who chose not to remarry could herself hold a favorable status in trade guilds. In London, for example, a widow would have the right to take on apprentices and hold stock in the Stationers’ Company. Margery was active as a bookseller and binder from 1709 to 1728. For the first few years after her husband’s death she traded with her son as Margery and Philip Yeo.
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