Cheap Thrills: The Highs and Lows of Paris's Cabaret Culture

Hear Duke New Music Ensemble Composers

To sonify Cheap Thrills, the Duke New Music Ensemble's student-composers—Ben Crawford, D. Edward Davis, Timothy Hambourger, Jamie Keesecker, Dan Ruccia, and Vladimir Smirnov—have approached these historical cabaret tunes to reflect their individual styles and interpretations. While some have deconstructed these pieces, leaving only remnants of the original scores, others have offered an arrangement after the period's performance traditions.

Tim Hambourger, "Tha-Ma-Ra-Boum-Di-He"


Dan Ruccia, "Le Mirliton+Le Mirlitaine"


Vladimir Smirnov, "Le matin"

Hear Duke New Music Ensemble Composers