A Leap of Faith: Documenting the First-Generation Undergraduate Experience


I would like to thank Valerie Gillispie, Will Goldsmith, Amy McDonald, Jolie Olcott, and Josh Sosin in the Duke History Revisited Program for their guidance throughout, and Humanities Writ Large and the Office of the Dean of Trinity College of Arts and Sciences whose funding made Duke History Revisited possible.

I would also like to sincerely thank my advisor, Anne Light, whose unwavering support has helped me through my toughest trials, my physician, Dr. Maggie Sweitzer, for her commitment to my total well-being and standing by my side throughout my treatment process, Dnajah Pendergrass, my Residence Coodinator and friend, the Departments of Philosophy and Theater Studies, and the administration of Duke University for their initiatives that have made a higher education at Duke possible for first-generation students.

To William E. King, whose groundbreaking contributions to the University Archives and beautiful prose personally inspired me to make the most of every day of research.

To my family: my parents Lucu and Liana, and my siblings Paula, Julia, Michelle, and Daniel, I love you all very much! I would not be anything without you all, and I am blessed to have your eternal love and support.

And finally, to the first-generation students who have overcome so much and made Duke such a remarkable institution. To all of the aforementioned and anyone who I have forgotten, thank you for all your contributions that have made this exhibit possible.