Black Students Matter: Taking Over Allen in '69


"The Explosion at Duke" rocked the region as results from the Takeover were plastered across the front pages of many local and regional newspapers on Friday, February 14, 1969However, news of the Takeover at Duke was overshadowed in national publications by the student protest at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Duke students, faculty, and others used newspapers as a platform to voice their opinions on the takeover. In the immediate aftermath, two Duke professors also created a questionnaire to gauge the community's sentiments.

In the weeks following the Takeover, the University subjected the students to a judiciary process for allegedly violating its "Pickets and Protests" policy. Two local Durham lawyers were hired to act as the prosecution for the trial while the students were defended by two members of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and by the father of one of the defendants. Rather than expel them, the Hearing Committee ultimately put 47 black students on probation for one year for their participation in the Allen Building Takeover.


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