10 Years, 10 Treatments: An exhibit of conservation treatments from the Duke University Libraries Conservation Laboratory

About Conservation

conservation lab

Conservation Lab

The department was founded in 2000 with the appointment of Winston Atkins, the Preservation Librarian, followed by the development of a conservation laboratory in 2003 when Beth Doyle, the Collections Conservator was hired. The conservation laboratory now consists of 3 professional conservators 2 full time conservation technicians, and multiple volunteers, interns and students.

This exhibit celebrates the work of the conservation laboratory by displaying a variety of different treatments from the libraries collections.  Although we chose the number 10 to celebrate our 10 years as a department, the conservation lab has done far more than 10 treatments, in fact during 2009 the lab completed 5,375 treatments and over 5,000 enclosures (boxes, pamphlets and envelopes).
The department is planning several events to mark the occasion which includes this exhibit, an open house, and interviews with staff members; for more information visit their blog Preservation Underground.

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