10 Years, 10 Treatments: An exhibit of conservation treatments from the Duke University Libraries Conservation Laboratory

Neu-vermehrt-Vellum Book Conservation

Neu-vermehrt- und vollständiges Gesang-Buch

Philadelphia 1774. Jantz B#1628

This book of the Psalms of David is an American imprint associated with the German Reformed Church. The book contains fairly early type-set musical scores, and is bound in blind-stamped and hand painted vellum covering over wooden boards.


The textblock of this book had expanded quite a bit at the bottom, likely due to exposure to water; the front board was detached and the vellum covering split at the hinge; additionally, one hasp and strap were missing and the other tenuously attached. The conservator pressed the text to remove the distortion; reattached the board with a cloth hinge; and used toned Japanese paper to mend the tears in the vellum covering and leather strap. The conservator also constructed a custom-fit enclosure to protect the delicate covers in storage.

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