Early Studies in Parapsychology at Duke

Upton Sinclair to J.B. Rhine December, 1937

Typed words on yellowing paper

Upton Sinclair to J.B. Rhine December, 1937, Parapsychology Laboratory Records.

December 6, 1937

Prof. J. B Rhyne
Duke University,
Durham, NC

My dear Rhine:-

I try to follow the plan of not caring about my critics, in the sense of not allowing them to worry me, but I always answer them unless I am especially busy giving them new offenses. I don't think you have anything to worry about if you have the facts. Your critics are only advertising your goods, and bad temper will not help them. I have told Julius that I am never going to mention the subject to him again. He is a little bit crazy on that subject, but he is a good Socialist and has a very keen mind on economic and political subjects.

Of course you saw the very good editorial about your work in last Sunday's New York "Times."