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Lydda (Lod)

The Cromwells and their companions arrived in Lydda from Cairo and stayed in the city for 2 days. Lydda, now known as Lod, was recommended to Duke and Cromwell over Jericho for its relative safety (see page 2 of February 1, 1938 letter).

During their travels the couple attended to several logistical issues via telegrams to Arthur Upham Pope. Topics ranged from obtaining permission to fly through certain regions to bringing canned food with them from outside of the Middle East. Telegrams related to the challenges of traveling in the Middle East also appear in other locations such as Damascus and Isfahan.

February 1, 1938 Letter, page 1

February 1, 1938 Letter, page 1

February 1, 1938 Letter, page 2

February 1, 1938 Letter, page 2

February 1, 1938 Letter

This letter to Arthur Upham Pope offers suggestions for the Cromwell’s trip to Persia. Of particular interest is page 2, paragraph 5, in which KLM (the airlines providing transportation for the trip) suggests "landing in Lydda (for Jerusalem) instead of Jericho because in Lydda there are now all facilities and less risk in the troubled conditions in Palestine."

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Telegram, March 10, 1939


Telegram, March 10, 1938

Telegram from James Cromwell to Arthur Upham Pope from Luxor, Egypt. In the telegram, James is making reference to 300 pounds of canned goods that were shipped to Baghdad.

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