The North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company

Aaron M. Moore

Dr. Aaron M. Moore, secretary, treasurer, and founder, 1909

Aaron M. Moore, NC Mutual Secretary, Treasurer, and Founder, 1909.

Dr. Aaron M. Moore, Treasurer, Secretary, and Founder of NC Mutual, was the first Black medical doctor in Durham, North Carolina. In addition to his instrumental contribution to the establishment of NC Mutual, he also founded the Lincoln Hospital in 1901, a medical facility that served Black patients during a time of racial segregation. Early in his life he began working as teacher after the 8th grade and went on to attend Shaw University in Raleigh, NC where he entered the University's Leonard Medical School. Dr. Moore helped to establish NC Mutual's legacy for its commitment to service and community-building. Access to reliable insurance services ensured that individuals could afford necessary medical treatments and healthcare services in times of need.