Queering Duke History

From the Curator

Duke University, 2014

Photograph of curator Denzel Faison and Dr. Janie Long

As the curator of this exhibit, it is my hope that the narrative contained here will bring to light a story that has too often been forgotten or ignored. This project was started in order to refute the prevailing theory that Duke University never actively discriminated against LGBTQ individuals.

It is my firm belief that engagement with the past is the first step towards meaningful change in the present. This history speaks to the strength and perseverance of generations of queer students at Duke, and while much work remains to be done, this exhibit is a testament of how far we have come.

While meant to highlight Duke’s queer past and present, this exhibit is only a snapshot of a larger more complex story. The story of LGBTQ life on campus is one that is only recently being rediscovered and celebrated. My hope is that this exhibit will be a catalyst for further scholarship on the struggles of Duke’s LGBTQ population and continued celebration of the contributions of queer individuals at Duke and beyond.

Denzell Faison
Trinity 2014

From the Curator