From Campus to Cockpit: Duke During World War II

Related Resources

Further resources available through University Archives:

  • Bowling, Lewis. Wallace Wade: Championship Years at Alabama and Duke. Durham: Carolina Academic Press, 2006.
  • Stevens, Jeanne E. "The Impacts of World War II on Duke University." Honors paper, Duke University, 1991.
  • Jacobs, Michael J. "The 1942 Rose Bowl: A Story of War Adjustment and Southern Pride." Undergraduate paper, 1987.

Digital Resources

  • The Duke Football Programs digital collection includes program covers from many Duke Football games from the 1920s-1990s.
  • Here are the links to finding aids for the collections used in this exhibition. Unless otherwise noted, collections are found in the University Archives:
  • The following articles by Duke University Archivist Emeritus William E. King are available on the University Archives website:
  1. The Durham Rose Bowl, 1942
  2. Wallace Wade, the Man
  3. Wallace Wade Stadium
"How Can He Miss?" Cartoon, Los Angeles Herald & Express, December 30, 1941

"How Can He Miss?" Cartoon
Los Angeles Herald & Express
December 30, 1941

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