Beyond Supply & Demand: Duke Economics Students Present 100 Years of American Women’s Suffrage

Suffrage Party Contest

Sash with a yellow, white, yellow stripe down the length reading "Woman Suffrage Party" in black

Artistic expression of political ideals, such as sewing banners, pennants, sashes and other items and incorporating phrases like “Votes for Women,” was a widespread and powerful strategy for suffragists and part of a long tradition of artistic expression in social justice movements. Equal suffrage leagues even held competitions for poster designs to support the movement. In honor of this history and in order to provide an opportunity to be a part of it, we created a friendly competition inviting people to submit their own artistic expressions inspired by the 100th anniversary of the American women’s suffrage movement. Submissions referenced the suffrage movement as well as other voting rights struggles and all were greatly appreciated. 

Most faithful reproduction: Rebecca Bowers

Best craftspersonship: Beth Doyle

Most creative interpretation: Naomi Nelson

Best collaboration: Charlotte McEvoy and Sabrina McEvoy (T '23)

Best illustration of struggles after the 19th amendment: Amy McDonald

Honorable Mentions

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