Race and Ethnicity in Advertising


Madame Jones Hair Glory cosmetic label

African American Cosmetic Labels, 1934-1946 and undated

Collection comprises 50 labels from cosmetics intended for African American consumers by the Chicago-based companies Madame Jones, Famous Products, and Valmor Products, all owned by Morton and Rose Neumann, a Jewish couple from Chicago.  

African American History Marketing and Promotional Posters 1_Protect Her Future

African American History Marketing and Promotional Papers, 1967-1984 and Undated

Fifty corporate promotions posters depicting notable African Americans or significant moments in African American history.

America's Negroes Live as a "Country within a Country"... 1

America's Negroes Live as a "Country within a Country" in many places as a "City within a City", 1945

1945 pamphlet promoting the placement of advertisements in African American newspapers through Interstate United Newspapers, Inc.


Celebrating Diversity 11

Celebrating Diversity: 1993-4 Student Newspaper Advertising Competition

A book of winners and reproductions of advertisements promoting diversity and multiculturalism from a competition sponsored by the American Academy of Advertising and the Newspaper Association of America Foundation. 

Clarence Holte 12

Clarence Holte Advertising Portfolio, 1944 and Undated

Correspondence and one spiral-bound portfolio containing clippings, drawings, and typewritten notes intended as a prospectus for a proposed magazine supplement to be targeted at African Americans and carried in newspapers nationwide.

Colored Mail Order Corporation of America catalog cover

Colored Mail Order Corporation of America catalog cover, 1939

Colored Mail Order Corporation of America Records, 1939. 

Includes Colored Mail Order Corporation advertisements in the form of promotional posters, clothing catalogues, and an article from the 1939 issue of The Weekly Echo newspaper.

Douglass Alligood 14_D.A. Returns for Hometown Address

Douglass L. Alligood Papers, 1963- 2013

Market reports on ethnic minorities, newspaper clippings, an audio recording, and more curated by Douglass Alligood, one of the first African Americans to become an executive in the advertising industry in the United States.

Goldfarb 1_Comfort

"Ford Thunderbird Ad." Goldfarb Consultants Ford Research Reports. Box 1. Folder: Black Consumer Market Research.

Goldfarb Consultants Ford Research Reports

Reports for Ford written by Goldfarb Consultants, a Canadian market research company eventually acquired by J. Walter Thompson Company. Includes print advertisements for Ford, reactions to commercials, and consumer research reports on minorities and geographic areas of the United States.

Halo Awards 13

Halo Awards Records, 2002-2012 and Undated

Correspondence, entry forms, audiovisual materials, artifacts, written reports and other materials that document businesses entering Cause Marketing Forum, Inc.'s  Halo Awards competition for social service and humanitarian projects.

Jean Kilbourne01_Box77

"We all want a safer world. So, come on, let's build more zoos."

Jean Kilbourne Collection. Box 79. Women of Color and Ethnic Ads 1988-2005.

Jean Kilbourne Papers, 1918-2014

Correspondence, advertisement clippings and tearsheets, research reports, slides and slide presentation texts, audiovisual materials, book drafts, production materials, and research files collected by feminist author and media critic Jean Kilbourne

Harris 1_Negro Buyer Model

"Negro Buyer Behavioral Model." John Benjamin Harris Papers. Box 1. Folder: “An Analysis of Consumer Advertising to the DC Negro Market. MBA Thesis, NYU 1955."

John Benjamin Harris Papers, 1955-1991 and Undated 

Market research reports about the African-American market and African-American media written for J. Walter Thompson, as well as advertising campaigns for Eastman Kodak and the Leo Burnett Company.

Hispania Records 7_SIN (1)

J. Walter Thompson Company. Hispania Records, 1980-1985 and Undated 

Materials related to Hispania, a division of the J. Walter Thompson Company specializing in marketing communications and advertising to the North American Hispanic market

Minority Marketing 5_Cover

Minority Marketing. Chicago: Crain Books, 1980. Print.

Minority Marketing (Crain Books, 1980)

Book published in 1980 that discusses marketing for minorities in the United States, particularly African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans. Includes minority-targeted ads by McDonalds and other large companies.

The Negro Market in 1956 1

The Negro Market in 1956: Five Speeches Delivered at the Third Annual Marketing Clinic, Tennessee A&I State University, April 5, 6, 1956  

Five speeches pertaining to the Negro Market in 1956, advertising techniques, and the relationship between general media and black supplemented media


Page 4. 

Proposed operational plan for B.F. Goodrich Tire Co. in the Negro market : August, 1960.

Proposed operational plan for B.F. Goodrich Tire Co. in the Negro market : August, 1960

Created by BBDO, report includes recommendations for the creation of an advertising campaign to enable B,F, Goodrich Tire Co. to better reach African American consumers.

Stuart Elliott Collection 6_Target

Stuart Elliott Papers, 1875-2014 and Undated

Clippings, correspondence, drafts of newspaper articles and web log posts, subject files and other printed materials relating to Elliott's career as a columnist.



Table XVII.

A study of the Negro consumer market and the potential for sickness, life, and disability insurance.

"A study of the Negro consumer market and the potential for sickness, life, and disability insurance"

Created by the BBDO Special Markets divison for the New England Life Insurance Company, report includes statistical and demographic information about the African American population in order to demonstrate the socioeconomic growth of this group and its newfound viability as a market for life insurance

LizzieProject_T Burns_Aunt Jemima

"Aunt Jemima how you Light and Righ in Flavor!" Black Adv, 1952.

T. Burns Collection. Box 1. Aunt Jemima Advertisements, 1917-1953.

T. Burns Collection of Racial Stereotypes, 1880s-1983

Advertisements, games, sheet music, illustrations, children’s books and other caricatures of African Americans mainly from the late 1800s through the mid-1900s.

Ted Wilson 6_Secretary

"Stepping Stone - I want to work my way up to copy." Ted Wilson Papers. Box 4. Folder: "Recruitment, 1965-6."

Ted Wilson Papers, 1966-1977

Office memorandums and marketing concepts created by advertising executive Ted Wilson for companies like Phillips Petroleum and Scott Paper Company.  Wilson worked on the JOBS prgram at J. Walter Thompson, a partnership between the New York Urban Coaliton to train and place disadvantaged and at-risk African American and Puerto Rican youth at the agency. 

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